my spring break

my spring break was awesome we went on a disey cruise i ment lots of charifters

like doneld or mickey and miney pluto daisy sofa the first cinderella peter pan.

i went to the oceneers club or lab soo yea.





sorry its spaced out i forgot how to do it.        😦

disney cruise

were about to go on a disney cruise. tommerow.  its gonna be my first cruise in my life. i think it is gonna be awesome i even have a list of what to do ther.

  • have breakfast
  • go to kids club
  • go to pool
  • watch a movie
  • go to buffut
  • have ice cream
  • lay down and relax
  • go get autographs from charachters
  • lay down more…
  • have dinner
  • go to bed on are bunkbeds

bye see you tommrow.

my first art lessen

today was my first art lessen i had a sub for art. because the girl wasent here and the subs name was alice we pratice hands and body. i was only one there. the place  i go to is called studio 28. i sind up for painting but we did drawing but next week we are doing painting. my sis goes there to but shes in jazz. soo yae thats my first art lessen.

this thanksgiving fun

this thanksgiving was soo much fun. we went to a music store/art store/dance store/cafe store and we got to get to go.cause we wanted to get to go and work on the art and dance. soo im doing art there and annabelle is doing dance jazz.  and we we went to a ice cream place. we went and saw a christmas tree light show.   that was all at night i think mid night.we went to icing i got raindeer ears there really hair clips. every thing there was 5$ if it was jewelelry.  soo yea  we also went to target to look around and all that stuff.