Woah, I still have a blog?

Yea, so as predicted, this idea to blog has gotten away from me….Sorry.

So, over the past few months, I’ve been working with a new friend, Jon, on writing a web series that we are going to shoot this year.   We have the outline done for each of the 8 episodes, and are now at the point where we are ready to begin writing dialogue.  It’s a comedy about two friends that are in their mid-20’s and are trying to figure out how to do life.  It isn’t groundbreaking, but it should be entertaining.  I’m excited about this – It has really reignited my creative juices.

We decided to do what we are calling an ‘equipment test’ shoot a few nights ago.  It was a totally unplanned event and it turned out pretty cheesy.  The audio was horrible, so i eliminated it completely.  I’ll post it here just for posterity, but this is really just a fun something to do.

I’m also trying to teach myself how to play the guitar.  I feel like I need to learn some things on top of my school workload and this is something that would be fun to learn and share with the kids.  We’ll see how I do with it though.

All in all, things are moving along well.  I’m keeping pretty busy, maybe too busy for Julie’s tastes, but right now it’s what i’m doing.  Anyway, happy Wednesday!


So I haven’t been blogging much and i don’t have a ton to share so after this short blog, i’ll include of interesting travel facts.

Over the past few weeks, i finished another Psychology class getting me even closer to my degree, i became a legal motorcycle driver, I learned that I like statistics class more than I imagined I would, I found out I have a doppleganger that does TV spots and started Christmas shopping!  Whew….that was a lot.  I need a nap.


Interesting Travel Facts:

In the U.S., a highway with an even number goes east-west, a highway with an odd number goes north-south.

A three-digit highway number is a spur if it starts with an odd number. (A spur doesn’t reconnect to the main highway.) If it starts with an even number it’s a loop around or through a city that will eventually reconnect with the main highway.

Highway numbers increase from west to east (odd numbers) and from south to north (even numbers.)

A highway number divisible by five is a major highway designed for cross-country travel.

Time keeps going….

Julie and I celebrated out anniversary this weekend by sending the kids to my in-laws so we could get out and try to have fun.  It seems like the last few date nights (and
anniversary’s) have been more of a chore than a fun evening together.  The pressure to cram in the things we like and make sure the other person is having fun always gets in the way if real fun.  This weekend was surprisingly different!

We went out Friday night for pizza and then roamed sound Wiregrass mall for a bit. We went into the tattoo parlor and talked to an artist to decide what we’ll be getting next. After that, I took Julie to a jewelry store and said she could pick out anything she wanted.  We spent a good hour there and it was fun watching her face as she tried on different rings. We left empty handed as she wanted to think about which one to get.

Saturday morning, we went to look at a motorcycle someone had listed on Craigslist in New Port Richie.  An hour later, it was ours.


I told Julie that we didn’t need to get it but she wanted it more than she wanted jewelry so win/win! We got home after getting tags for it,then went for a little ride and got some lunch and some helmets!  Then…she had a present for me. (As if the motorcycle wasn’t enough!). Julie scheduled for us to go on a segway tour around Tampa at sunset. It was freaking awesome!!!!


We spent two hours rolling around and seeing the sights and then ended the night with ice cream because that’s how we roll.  Mmmmm.

Sunday, I wanted to give Julie the chance to just rest which she never gets.  It’s either the kids always wanting to do something or me because I can’t sit still. Well, this worked out great because we ended up laying in bed until 1:30 in the afternoon.  That was EPIC.  Sooo much rest and relaxation. After that,we got to go pick up the girls and have some dinner before coming home and ending the weekend.

We’ve had 11 years together and it gets difficult to figure out how to surprise the other on days like this but we both agree this weekend was a huge success.  We are far from being the perfect married couple but this weekend was a great reminder of why we are perfect together and for each other.

New camera and stuff

About a month ago, we bought a new Canon 70D DSLR. We wanted a camera that we could have for good depth of field as well as for decent video since i’m trying to get more involved in the filmmaking scene. We have been watching youtube videos about using it and learning some of its nuances and we went to the park not long ago and got some pretty nice shots. Well, Julie did. I’ll attach a few but they haven’t been color corrected or anything yet. I’m trying to learn more about script writing as well since it’s likely that i’ll need to know the entire process in and out if i want to be any good at this. The more I learn, the more I realize and wish that i’d gone to film school when I was younger. Even if i couldn’t make a career out of it, this is really something i’d love to know more about. I’m also learning about video editing which is a whole different animal. On top of all this, i’m trying to maintain my school work which is getting more difficult. There is never enough time in the day. 😦

Anyway, just wanted to put this out there. Happy day!




Bitter Sweet

We just got back from spending the weekend in Ohio with my parents.  We spent 3 days there.  We had a nice bonfire and cookout on Saturday night, spent family time on Sunday and Monday.  Julie and I visited our old church Sunday for server and was reminded what it is that kept us going there.

Every time we visit, it seems to go by too fast and more painful than the previous time to leave.  We love living here in Florida.  It was absolutely the right move for us, but we really miss our families and friends in Ohio.  I know how hard it is for mom and dad too.  I wish they could move down here.  I wish that were an option.  I’m glad my sister and her family are still up closer to them though, it’s a small consolation.

Anyway, just feeling the sads today.  I had a great time over the weekend but I miss my family.