Starting Middle School !!!!

my first day at 6th grade was crazy there were so many people. I have 8 classes counting my homeroom. I have two girl teachers and the rest are boys . It said on my paper with my classes on it that they were all advance but gym and band. They are not hard advance but just a little harder than normal so i thought that was cool. I have a lot of new friends and most of them are in my class for lunch. I started last Wednesday but im writing this now .

What Christmas mean to me?

What Christmas means to me, Christmas is the time of year when you get to be around your family and friends. When you and your family have a Christmas dinner you get around the table and pray because celebrating Christmas is when your celebrating Jesus birthday. On Christmas we open presents but it is not all about presents its about giving. Christmas is amazing, cool, loving, caring, and even more but there are soooooo many words i cant explain that`s  how much I love Christmas.




Part of my Christmas list!

Here are some of the things I want for Christmas,  (mostly from the Target catalog)

  • Star wars remote control bb-8
  • Bunchems mega pack
  • LEGO Minecraft kit
  • R-E-V known as a controlled by a phone
  • WubbleBubble X
  • Beats solo 2 headphones pink
  • Just dance 2016-Xbox one
  • WII-U Mario Kart-8 deluxe set  Click Here
  • unicef kid power-band blue  Click Here
  • verizon samsung galaxy S6 edge-black
  • rechargeable power-bank- peanuts
  • selfie stick-pink
  • Snap pets-black
  •  sphero sprk edition-controlled with phone
  • mip robot with bonus wheels and ramp set-white
  • dimoned mincart hero pack
  • All minecraft things including books
  • sing and dance minnion
  • bounce off-bordgame
  • tusm plushy all sizes
  • ultimate mc square lab kit
  • all shopkins
  • cra-z sneakers
  • my look bracelets
  • Pocket mod blossom scooter-know at a sit down scooter you drive
  • babby lips all kinds-lip balm
  • yolo lip gloss pals  in bubble gum and grape
  • dare way revolution
  • orbez luxury spa
  • emoji plushes/keychains/pillows
  • polaroid camera

There are more to come…


Picture/Park fun weekened! <3

This Saturday we went to this place called River walk. when we went  we saw this really cool park.Then we walked  around and then we went to Ikea and them home.The next day me and my sister went to put Lizzy in my room and  we were still unpacking all the stuff and then going to bed. That was my weekend. ❤

Family weekend

This weekend will be so cool I know it😀ok so we went on a plane it was two hours long though I was tired but when we got off we got to see our grandparents and it was awesome.after that we went to sleep and woke up and went to the mall.we went to the Cheesecake Factory and I am getting the chocolate mouse cheesecake yumm😀😄then we will have a bonfire tonight with our family and it will be soooo awesome:)         


Weekend FunTime!

Fun time this week was awesome! My sister Lizzy went to a birthday party while me and my dad when to a place called The Wolf Den and ate breakfast there and it was Yummy! Then after we ate me and my dad came home and he laid on the couch and I played the all time favorite game in this house  MINECRAFT!  Then the next day we went to the mall to get my mom a new phone.After that we went to go to  Auntie Annie’s to have a pretzel! yum I love pretzels. Then after that we went around the mall and looked at some stores my favorite was the Disney store.after the mall we went to Barnes and Noble and got some books. we went home and relaxed and then my dad and mom said we have to go somewhere and they did not tell us were and we went to the best Ice cream store  in history Cold Stone….! then we came home ate dinner and that was our fun time weekend !! 🙂