Woah, I still have a blog?

Yea, so as predicted, this idea to blog has gotten away from me….Sorry.

So, over the past few months, I’ve been working with a new friend, Jon, on writing a web series that we are going to shoot this year. ย  We have the outline done for each of the 8 episodes, and are now at the point where we are ready to begin writing dialogue. ย It’s a comedy about two friends that are in their mid-20’s and are trying to figure out how to do life. ย It isn’t groundbreaking, but it should be entertaining. ย I’m excited about this – It has really reignited my creative juices.

We decided to do what we are calling an ‘equipment test’ shoot a few nights ago. ย It was a totally unplanned event and it turned out pretty cheesy. ย The audio was horrible, so i eliminated it completely. ย I’ll post it here just for posterity, but this is really just a fun something to do.

I’m also trying to teach myself how to play the guitar. ย I feel like I need to learn some things on top of my school workload and this is something that would be fun to learn and share with the kids. ย We’ll see how I do with it though.

All in all, things are moving along well. ย I’m keeping pretty busy, maybe too busy for Julie’s tastes, but right now it’s what i’m doing. ย Anyway, happy Wednesday!

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