It seems that I have only been posting once a month. This is hard to keep up with. Updates from last month -Carl and I celebrated our 11th Anniversary. We took a Segway tour of Tampa and had one of the best nights in a long time!  Instead of Trick-or-Treat this year, we took the girls to the Taylor Swift concert. One of the coolest concerts I’ve been to in a while. Carl and I bought a motorcycle for some more fun-filled travels. We haven’t owned a bike in 10 years, it’s good to be a rider again! The girls have been enjoying gymnastics more and more and our love for ice cream is growing and growing. (I think we have a problem) Now we are in November and I can’t believe how fast this year has gone. We have been in Florida for about 16 months and we absolutely love it. We miss family and friends from home so much!! The holidays are coming fast and we get to celebrate this year in Florida and begin our own traditions. It’s going to be tough, but we are stronger and stronger every day and can get through all the tough times together. Today we made it back to Disney (one of the perks of living in Florida and only an hour away) I would have thought we would have used our Disney Annual passes a bit more than we have, but we’ve enjoyed every trip so far. We are closing in on only 1 -1/2 months left on our passes and we have probably only seen a third of each of the parks. Today was Animal Kingdom. Each trip is always filled with new adventures. Pictures below show how close the animals were. It was like being at the zoo. We’ve been to all the parks and I love them all! I truly cannot choose a favorite. I will have to do a “Waters Disney Adventure 2015” recap of pictures at a later time. Pictures below show a recap of our last month. Hopefully, I can post a little more often than I have been. 

Peace out friends,





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