So I haven’t been blogging much and i don’t have a ton to share so after this short blog, i’ll include of interesting travel facts.

Over the past few weeks, i finished another Psychology class getting me even closer to my degree, i became a legal motorcycle driver, I learned that I like statistics class more than I imagined I would, I found out I have a doppleganger that does TV spots and started Christmas shopping!  Whew….that was a lot.  I need a nap.


Interesting Travel Facts:

In the U.S., a highway with an even number goes east-west, a highway with an odd number goes north-south.

A three-digit highway number is a spur if it starts with an odd number. (A spur doesn’t reconnect to the main highway.) If it starts with an even number it’s a loop around or through a city that will eventually reconnect with the main highway.

Highway numbers increase from west to east (odd numbers) and from south to north (even numbers.)

A highway number divisible by five is a major highway designed for cross-country travel.

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