Time keeps going….

Julie and I celebrated out anniversary this weekend by sending the kids to my in-laws so we could get out and try to have fun.  It seems like the last few date nights (and
anniversary’s) have been more of a chore than a fun evening together.  The pressure to cram in the things we like and make sure the other person is having fun always gets in the way if real fun.  This weekend was surprisingly different!

We went out Friday night for pizza and then roamed sound Wiregrass mall for a bit. We went into the tattoo parlor and talked to an artist to decide what we’ll be getting next. After that, I took Julie to a jewelry store and said she could pick out anything she wanted.  We spent a good hour there and it was fun watching her face as she tried on different rings. We left empty handed as she wanted to think about which one to get.

Saturday morning, we went to look at a motorcycle someone had listed on Craigslist in New Port Richie.  An hour later, it was ours.


I told Julie that we didn’t need to get it but she wanted it more than she wanted jewelry so win/win! We got home after getting tags for it,then went for a little ride and got some lunch and some helmets!  Then…she had a present for me. (As if the motorcycle wasn’t enough!). Julie scheduled for us to go on a segway tour around Tampa at sunset. It was freaking awesome!!!!


We spent two hours rolling around and seeing the sights and then ended the night with ice cream because that’s how we roll.  Mmmmm.

Sunday, I wanted to give Julie the chance to just rest which she never gets.  It’s either the kids always wanting to do something or me because I can’t sit still. Well, this worked out great because we ended up laying in bed until 1:30 in the afternoon.  That was EPIC.  Sooo much rest and relaxation. After that,we got to go pick up the girls and have some dinner before coming home and ending the weekend.

We’ve had 11 years together and it gets difficult to figure out how to surprise the other on days like this but we both agree this weekend was a huge success.  We are far from being the perfect married couple but this weekend was a great reminder of why we are perfect together and for each other.

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