New camera and stuff

About a month ago, we bought a new Canon 70D DSLR. We wanted a camera that we could have for good depth of field as well as for decent video since i’m trying to get more involved in the filmmaking scene. We have been watching youtube videos about using it and learning some of its nuances and we went to the park not long ago and got some pretty nice shots. Well, Julie did. I’ll attach a few but they haven’t been color corrected or anything yet. I’m trying to learn more about script writing as well since it’s likely that i’ll need to know the entire process in and out if i want to be any good at this. The more I learn, the more I realize and wish that i’d gone to film school when I was younger. Even if i couldn’t make a career out of it, this is really something i’d love to know more about. I’m also learning about video editing which is a whole different animal. On top of all this, i’m trying to maintain my school work which is getting more difficult. There is never enough time in the day. 😦

Anyway, just wanted to put this out there. Happy day!




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