You can do it Duffy Moon….

Duffy Moon

Whenever I am in the middle of a whirlwind of hard times, this phrase always comes to mind. Carl has always said this to me whenever times are hard and I can’t seem to see things clear. “You can do it Duffy Moon” – from a movie that seemed to have stuck with Carl since he was a kid. Such a small phrase, but a huge impact on the way we can deal with Hard Times.

It is a constant reminder to “Just Keep Swimming” as taken from a more recent movie Finding Nemo. A movie that I can always relate to from some of my early years (no its only been 12 years) I’m not THAT young- Yea I think I just called out the age of my husband, lol.

Finding Nemo

Whenever we are going through a bad morning, a bad day, or just some hurt feelings, just the idea that

  1. I need to take a deep breathe, I can do this
  2. I can push through this and make it better than it is
  3. There is always a brighter side
  4. I will move forward no matter what

Nowadays, I turn my focus on God and prayer. It always seems to calm me and remind me that He’s got this, He is teaching us a lesson, there’s a reason why I have to go through this. There is going to be a brighter side to this, or He has a Plan for me and maybe He’ll show me Grace through this tough time. I have high hopes that my girls can see His path and use this to guide them through these hard times.

Hard Times in the past couple of days:

Yesterday, I left Facebook. That is it – I quit Facebook. I know, some of you think “not such a big deal.” But at the moment I am trying to beat the feat of just getting the thought and the habit out of my head. It has been almost a 10 year habit. A task becomes a habit after just 21 days of repetition. Tough thought to process when you are trying to put a stop to a 10 YEAR habit. It will be an obstacle for me in the next couple of days, but we will get through it and “Just Keep Swimming.” Instead, I post on this new blog and focus my energy on more important things in my life that clearly need my attention.

Last night and this morning, one of my girls had a meltdown. A meltdown that I, too often, experienced in school because of studying and taking tests. I was always the kid that had to study HOURS and HOURS for upcoming tests, and still struggled to make the passing grade. This will be a trying year for some of us, but we will take one task at a time and “Just Keep Swimming.”

“You can do it Duffy Moon” – Thank you Carl, for teaching me one of my favorite phrases.

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